What is school-to-school support and how does it define what we do?

Here at The Rowan Learning Trust, we provide extensive support to the schools that work alongside us to achieve a better future for students and teachers alike. We strive to create and maintain a strong relationship between students and teachers so that everyone involved can reach their full potential.

What is school-to-school support?

Our school-to-school support encompasses the whole range of school life and we have the expertise to provide support and advice to the students and teachers, within the schools that we work alongside, regardless of the subject or area of responsibility. We develop and foster an environment where students are able to learn as well as gain life skills in the classroom. It is important to us that every student reaches their full potential and succeeds, regardless of ability.

Our executive head teacher and chief executive officer, Royston Halford, is a National Leader of Education and has won ‘Headteacher of the Year’ at the Teaching Awards. Having such a celebrated and expert teacher overseeing the trust means that each of the schools with whom we work will receive support which is second to none. Roy specialises in important areas of education including school finance, human resource matters, strategic planning, whole school diagnostics and pupil premium reviews so his knowledge can be transferred to each of our schools in a practical and worthwhile way.

At The Rowan Learning Trust we have a dedicated team of experts committed to improving the teaching standards and student outcomes within the schools that we work with. The school improvement team bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the trust, and work with the staff and students of our schools to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the journey towards a better educational environment.

Our Director of Education, Phil Rimmer, has co-ordinated and led the support focus for more than 20 schools – so his expertise in this field comes from his wealth of experience and passion for improving education.

There is a large, and growing, number of Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs) across all subject areas and other areas of school including teaching and learning, use of data, intervention, curriculum, target-setting and CPD. This means that our school-to-school support is something that benefits every single student and that the learning environment that we create is somewhere that is inclusive of all students, not just the higher achievers academically. Furthermore, our school improvement team has extensive expertise in working with children who have special educational needs and looked after children (LAC).

We offer continual development for all of the teachers involved with the trust. With mentoring, coaching and formal training, we provide the professional development that all teachers need to grow within the profession, and in turn The Rowan Learning Trust is constantly improving.

Our school-to-school support is what defines The Rowan Learning Trust, and we take pride in reaching out to our institutions to work towards a better future for all of our students and teachers.