Three Towers Academy gains Mental Health Awards

 Three Towers Academy Wigan

Three Towers, an alternative provision academy, has been recognised for its work in supporting the mental health of students when it received the externally accredited Bronze and Silver Mental Health Awards at a celebration ceremony this summer.

It is the first external recognition the new academy, that is based in Wigan, has received with the whole school community of students, staff and parents involved in the accreditation which was led by counsellor Heather Guthrie and keyworker Alan Worswick.

The Bronze and Silver Awards were achieved by demonstrating the work done by the school in the following areas:

  • A whole school approach to mental health
  • An assessment and overview of policy development
  • Better curriculum planning
  • Dedicated and improved teaching and learning
  • A nurturing school environment and culture
  • Student’s voices being fairly represented and heard
  • An excellent provision of support services
  • Open and clear communication with parents, carers and local communities

Students that attend the academy have said the school was key to them improving their education and mental health. One student said: “You’re all amazing people who made me believe in myself.” Another student said they had “become a happier and more confident person”.

The mental health assessor who visited the school also sang Three Towers’ praises saying: “Working in such a challenging environment, the awards are well deserved.”

Roy Halford, the Chief Exec of The Rowan Learning Trust had this to say on the news: “Three Towers joined our trust in February this year. We’re ecstatic that they have earned bronze and silver awards for mental health care. Everyone’s hard work has paid off and the students are being given the care and support they need and deserve.”

About Rowan Learning Trust: The Rowan Learning Trust was established by the Governing Body and Leadership Team of Hawkley Hall High School following successful school to school support over a number of years and across a large number of schools in the Greater Manchester area. The trust is dedicated to improving schools for teachers and students. Their core values can be found on their site.