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Student support from Rowan Learning Trust leads to 90% attendance

With help from Rowan Learning Trust a student at Hawkley Hall High School has gone from spending just 27 days a year in class to 90% attendance!
In 2013 the student was struggling with school, wasn’t focused and ‘found it quite boring’, and with his attendance at just 13.7% he needed guidance.
Rowan Learning Trust set up a plan to help the student engage in class and importantly receive support in his lessons from teachers that would help him understand his classes as well as enjoy them.
In just one school year his attendance rose to 64%, which was a massive achievement, and now in Year 11 he has so far attained a 90% attendance record. An excellent accomplishment considering two years ago he only came to school for around 27 days in the school year!

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The student said: “Before I received help I didn’t really enjoy school very much and I found it quite boring.
“When Mrs S and other staff came to lessons with me and supported me, I started to enjoy it.
“Mr B helped me the most and encouraged me to get back into my lessons.”
He continued: “I like school now and I enjoy coming in to school. My favourite subject is English because you get to write and it’s fun.”

This impressive turn around of 73.6% attendance by the student has meant he can now be positive about his future education. He added: “I am really looking forward to going to college in September. I was never in school before but I hardly have any time off now.”

Rowan Learning Trust specialises in helping schools, teachers and students maximise their potential. They offer a range of support and training for teachers that can assist them in getting the best out of the pupils while in class.