Staff Support Statement

Rowan Learning Trust maximising potential

The Rowan Learning Trust supports schools on their journey to be outstanding so that everyone becomes the best they can be. Our priority has always been to maximise potential.



Our key values:

  • Mutual respect
  • Fairness
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Individual growth
  • Kindness

As a Trust we believe in developing all of our staff. The key values we live by, to do the best we can for our young people, also apply to our staff. We constantly look for opportunities to grow and improve our organisation and by doing that we create new opportunities for colleagues to grow. To support them in that growth, we provide continual professional development coupled with mentoring and coaching and give them responsibility and autonomy within an accountability framework.

The logo for the RLT was chosen with care. It depicts the three categories of people in our Trust community reaching for the stars to be the best they can be. The blue character represents primary children, the yellow character represents high school students and the red character represents all of the adults in the Trust. This highlights the support provided across the three categories of people we want to help develop and improve themselves both personally and collectively.

Another element that we believe to be absolutely fundamental to our overall mission, and part of our mutual respect key value, is honesty and transparency. We talk to and consult with our staff regularly. We have an open door policy and encourage staff to come and talk. In that way any areas of concern can be highlighted quickly and resolved effectively but also suggestions from staff can result in new opportunities for growth.