Olevi: The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP)

This is the BRAND NEW programme from OLEVI, based on the highly acclaimed and successful OTP and ITP that many of your teaching staff may have attended

Who is it for?

This programme is for teaching assistants who are, or who have the potential to be outstanding in their roles. It is intended to develop the potential for TAs to have a wider impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning across the school.

What will it achieve?

The OTAP enables Teaching Assistants to:

  • place a greater emphasis on the purpose and value of the lessons they support
  • raise levels of engagement and achievement in learning
  • use different methods and styles of support to challenge learners
  • innovate and take risks
  • have a bigger impact on the planning and assessment for the learners they support
  • demonstrate a higher level understanding of teaching and learning
  • be able to coach colleagues to raise performance

What does it involve?

The programme comprises five sessions and will focus on a range of aspects of teaching and learning such as challenge, engagement, assessment, differentiation, questioning and planning. There are facilitated practical sessions and lesson observations at the host school, with linked practical tasks back in the participant’s own school to apply what they learn.

The OTAP content includes:

  • what does an outstanding teaching assistant look like?
  • key definitions and audits of strengths & weaknesses
  • coaching
  • new learning on differentiation
  • understanding assessment
  • in-school practice
  • developing a success criteria
  • action planning and evaluation
  • what is effective questioning?

For more information and also the booking form please click on the following link:

OTAP Flyer Summer 2016