One-to -One Sessions with Pupils – Advice for Teachers

One-to-one sessions with pupils should offer support that complements and enhances full group experiences in school, providing students with an opportunity to discuss specific aspects of learning and progress in addition to other concerns that may impact on their overall performance. Speaking directly to one member of staff allows the student to develop personalised strategies which enable them to move forward.

Sessions may focus on a variety of issues including:

  • Concerns regarding specific subject areas
  • How to revise
  • How to manage time
  • Organisation strategies
  • Preparing for exams or assessments
  • Friendship issues
  • General worries or stresses

Ten Tips for Teachers

  • Before meeting for each session, the focus should be agreed with the student
  • Be prepared with well thought out questions designed to keep the session on track
  • Allow the student to speak
  • Listen intently
  • Be mindful of body language
  • Alternate between a mentoring style and a coaching style
  • Use visual materials to guide the session
  • Allow silence as it provides thinking time
  • Request feedback on your approach ascertaining if it is meeting the student’s needs
  • Liaise with parents/guardians keeping them up-to-date on progress