7 Essential items for a first-time teacher

If you’ve just got your first position as a teacher, you’ll be looking forward to running your own class with your own desk, but what else will you need to help your class run smoothly?
Different schools allocate different supplies to teachers, so it’s worth checking what you’ll have access to when you start.
Amy, a trainee geography teacher, has put together her list of top essentials for first time teachers.

1. Manage your time

Read the book “Time Management for Dummies”, by Clare Evans, because you will be so busy. Managing your time is essential, making sure you get everything done will be really important.

2. School rules

Read the staff handbook so you know what policies and procedures you need to follow, e.g. the fire drill procedure.

3. Get organised

Buy a desk organiser to put your pens and pencils in to and to write your to-do lists on.

4. Reward students

Make a reward chart for your class to go on the wall to add healthy competition into the classroom.

5. Know your class

Read up on your children’s prior attainment data and special educational needs information to help you plan your lesson effectively.

6. Emergency cases

Read up about any children with medical needs so that you know what to do if they have a problem in your classroom.

7. Share ideas

Visit other teachers’ social media blogs to share ideas and get tips for your class.